Visit the Treetop Walk and experience nature from a different angle.

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Come up and see how wonderful winter is!

The Sentier des cimes Laurentides is open during the whole winter season. Come and enjoy nature!

• Spring break activities: treasure hunt, quiz, craft station

• Guided educational hikes

• Sunsets

• Tartiflette, Poutine and Full moon Evenings

• Hot chocolate and mulled wine by the outdoor fireplace!

• Fat bike, cross-country ski and snowshoe trails available on the site (download the trail map here)

A forest walk above the treetops

The nearly one-kilometre path winds through a typical mixed Laurentian forest, populated with coniferous and deciduous trees and inhabited by several species of birds and small mammals. 

The path takes you through the trees, at different heights, allowing you to explore the plant and animal life from different angles. 

You’ll get an up-close view of maple corymbs and balsam fir cones, hiding places among dead trees, and the elegant silhouettes of the treetops.

Tree Top Walk in Europe - Émile meet a family on the walkway

A safe, barrier-free, universally accessible walkway

Made entirely of wood, the walkway is completely barrier-free and designed for comfort and safety. The gentle 6% slope lets families with strollers and wheelchair or scooter users follow the footbridge to the main tower easily and comfortably. There’s no need to worry about your children as they take in the amazing views—they’re perfectly safe! Simply enjoy the experience.

An elevator at the beginning of the path will take you to the first level of the walkway. The entire site has been designed with the principles of universal accessibility in mind.

Couple of senior in winter on Treetop Walk Laurentides
Couple of senior in winter on Treetop Walk Laurentides
Tree Top Walk in Europe - Couple in wheelchair enjoying the walkway during the summer

The main tower: a spectacular view from 40 m in the air

The main tower is highest point on the Sentier des cimes Laurentides, rising 40 m in the air, the equivalent of a 12-storey building. 

From the top, you’ll have a breathtaking view of the rolling hills so typical of the Laurentian mountain range, not to mention landmarks such as Mont-Tremblant.

Each season offers a new view bursting with gorgeous colours and endless horizons. 

There’s no shortage of fresh air—or good times. The stuff memories are made of! 

For the more adventurous, the giant net in the middle of the tower caps off the perfect visit.

Sentier des cimes Laurentides - Tower in construction end of June 2022

Discover, learn, experience

High up in the treetops, you’ll find fun balance games for young and old, along with interpretation panels that will teach you about nature from a new perspective. 

Custom-designed with local partners, the panels highlight the local flora and fauna and are brimming with anecdotes and little-known information. 

Have you ever heard of mustelids? Do you practice shinrin-yoku? Do you know what NTFPs are?

Treetop Walk  in winter
Treetop Walk in winter
Tree Top Walk in Europe - Family enjoying the interpretation panels

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